Wasn't it beautiful, weren't we cool... Oh those days! We used to mix tapes for ourselves, our friends and... for the cutest girls whom we would impress with personalized tapes, full of music they didn't know yet. For hours we would lock ourselves in our rooms, alone with records, 12"-s, singles, a turntable and a tape-deck. A perfect mix of two times 45 minutes, and you will be remembered for ever!

Who does not remember the time 'auto reverse' was introduced? Wow, that was innovation! And innovation lasted: now we have online libraries packed full with a huge range of artists and genres.


Strangelove (a creative advertising agency based in Amsterdam) had the idea to ask music professionals to make a Mixed-Tape; a very simple idea with a really nice result. Via Spotify or Deezer, we ask music artists, record labels, DJ's and all types of creative like-minded people to put together a unique and personal playlist. Sometimes it can be related to a specific theme / event / launch, or maybe the complete opposite of what one might expect from a certain 'character'.

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56 WTF did they do to my music?!


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This tape has been accomplished in collaboration with MOONDOGSCORNER and the "FAIRY TALES AND MONSTERS WEEK" of Kings Place.
Find the full listing for the Entire week of Monsters & Fairy Tales below, with of-course special attention to the Moondog concert on the 9th of June.

Thursday, 9 June 2011 - Moondog & Monsters
Friday, 10 June 2011 - Adrian Crowley with Serafina Steer
Friday, 10 June 2011 - A Tribute to the World of Oliver Postgate
Saturday, 11 June 2011 - Paper Cinema: Workshop
Saturday, 11 June 2011 - Paper Cinema
Saturday, 11 June 2011 - The Age of Not Believing Orchestra & The Real Tuesday Weld

Blind American composer Louis 'Moondog' Hardin (1916–1999) has the reputation of being one of New York's most visible and eccentric street musicians. But besides his striking viking outfit and spear, he is a noted influential composer and poet who invented several musicalinstruments. His influence has spread wide and has gathered fans in all sorts of musical circles, from jazz legends Charlie Parker & Charles Mingus, rock 'n' roll legends John Lennon & Janis Joplin, minimalists Steve Reich & Philip Glass to electronic artists such as Mr. Scruff.

TWITTER @moondogscorner


All pictures are taken by Stefan Lakatos

56 WTF did they do to my music?!


The tape draws from original Moondog recordings and also remixes/covers/samples used by other artists. The title means Moondog may not have approved of all of them.

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192 Noah’s Ark

by Next Monday’s Hangover

This tape consists of deep indie-electronica music featuring all artists performing at Next Monday's Hangover - NOAH'S ARK on April 6th in Amsterdam. Curated by Next Monday's Hangover host and resident Some Chemistry. 

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Next Monday’s Hangover

66 Benny’s Favourites

by Benny Sings

Benny's Mixtape. Good for: Cleaning the house, Dancing while crying, Getting drunk with girls, and many other things. Enjoy!

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Benny Sings

132 A Collection Of Influences

by Onder Invloed

Some songs and musicians that have influenced me over the last few years.

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Onder Invloed

161 That shit is bananas

by Dagschotel

That shit is bananas

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214 Oldschool Vibe

by The House

A selection of tracks which represent the sound of The House. Including tracks from Phil Weeks, William Kouam Djoko & De Sluwe Vos.

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The House

170 Donnie’s Party

by Oscar & the Wolf

And don't forget to see Oscar & the Wolf live! LIVE: 9 december Ekko - Utrecht 9/10/11/12 jan2013 Eurosonic/Noorderslag – Groningen

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Oscar & the Wolf

36 Hartje

by Gilles de Smit (22tracks)

31 years on 1 pile in 22 tracks.

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Gilles de Smit (22tracks)

89 Favourites

by Gideon Bouwens

From classic drummachines to the crystal clear mixing techniques in Sade... Naturally there's also some tunes to move your feet to while u dream of sunny festivals, dusty feet instead of muddy boots....

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Gideon Bouwens

16 Friendly Fire

by Friendly Fire

They know what is new, they feel what is happening and smell what is good.

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Friendly Fire